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Extend PC display and maximize
Your gaming experience!


Reactivo can take the content of the display and synchronize it with the LED strips of the entire room. A simple plug-and-play system that maximizes the user experience with the ultimate ambient backlighting.


Reactivo is working wirelessly, connected to Your home Wi-Fi network. With our software, you can easily set up the part of the display that you want to mirror and extend it on LED strips.


The primary focus during the development phase was to make a product that allows you to create custom LED strip installation in your room. There are not any restrictions on where your LED should be or how many pixels can control.

Why choose REACTIVO?


Standard KIT

12 x 0,5 m long addressable LED strips | 4 x 1m and 8 x 0,25 m long extension cables | 2 x DC power adapter | 2 x SD-Card with different color effects | Reactivo software and web app


Starter KIT

6 x 0,5 m long addressable LED strips | 2 x 1m and 4 x 0,25 m long extension cables | DC power adapter | SD-Card with different color effects | Reactivo software and web app.


Professional XXL KIT

40 x 0,5 m long addressable LED strips | 8 x 1m and 20 x 0,25 m long extension cables | 6 x injection cables | 7 x DC power adapter | SD-Card with different color effects | Reactivo software and web app



REACTIVO software is optimized to be very simple, fast and practical. Installation takes just a few minutes. Our aim was to take as little resources from your PC as possible. Low requirements on processing power leave plenty for your high-end, next-generation games.


Create Your Custom Setup


Fix your LED strips and connect power cables

Snap the power and data cables into your LED strips with quick connectors, use extension cables to make nice corners. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Connect Reactive controller and power it up

Attach Reactivo LED controller inside or outside your PC case, under the table, wherever you want to. Connect cables to LED strips and power the whole thing with a small power adapter.


Use App, Software, Magic Screen Grabber, or another trigger tool

Single Reactivo controller has a built-in app and owns software which allows you simply create effects and use the the magic screen grabber feature.

Make different shapes in your setup

With Reactivo and your LED strips, you can create multiple types of shapes. Make your own LED square, do LED bars or install LED strips anywhere in your room.


Do Your Custom Installation!

Don´t limit yourself to any shape or setup. Reactivo allows you to do whatever is in your mind and create any LED objects, even 3D setups.

Synchronize Your Nanoleaf with LED Strips

Reactivo software allows you to display selected parts of your screen on your Nanoleaf panels and simultaneously displays content on your LED strips and addressable pixels. Everything is done in software pre-setup.

Update Your Living Room & Home Theater

Thanks to Reactivo you can easily and freely upgrade your home theater using addressable LED strips basically everywhere – ceiling, lamps, coffee table, under the sofa… you can cover basically everything with LED strips and pixels.

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