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We create creative lighting designs based on the best quality and experience knowledge.

Lighting provides more than just a dream.

MY Co., Ltd. is a specialized lighting company that can provide and implement services that customers want. All of our executives and employees are striving to meet customer needs through continuous change and development of advanced technologies in line with global trends.

We will do our best to be the best partner for customers so that you can see all the light you dream of by visualizing the lighting production that existed only in your imagination.


2022.12 [영국] LIGHTOPIA MOU 체결

2022.12 보령 대천바다사랑축제 조명설치

2022.11 SM ENT 레드벨벳 & 에스파 뮤비 조명설치

2022.08 서울 강남 KITAS 소형가전쇼 박람회 참가

2021.05 [Slovakia] Showtacle sro Korea exclusive distributor contract

2021.04 [Italy] Exclusive import of TWINKLY

2020.12 Established MY Co., Ltd. (Co-CEOs Minsoo Kim and Yangsoo Choi)
2020.10 Siheung Wave Park lighting installation

2019.11 Seoul Lotte World Mall Christmas Lights
2019.09 Seoul Lotte Tower Halloween theme landscape lighting
2019.08 [Germany] Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH
2019.05 Seoul Dongdaemun 'JW Marriott Hotel'

2018.10 Haeundae Beach, Busan
2018.09 Seoullo 7017

2017.11 Participated in Cheonggyecheon Light Festival in Seoul
2017.10 Daemyung Sol Beach Yangyang Christmas Lights

2016.07 [Germany] Agency agreement with Adam Hall (cameo)
2016.01 [USA] Glow Motion Korea distributor agreement

2015.08 Seoul Lotte World glow party construction
2015.05 Established Light& (CEO Yang-soo Choi)

2014.01 [Germany] MediaLas agency agreement
2014.01 [Netherlands] LanBox agency agreement

2013.12 [China] Signed an agency for some TERBLY items
2013.07 [Slovakia] Showtacle Ltd agency agreement
2013.01 [USA] Signed Korean distributor agreement with Froggys Fog

2012.09 Established Soul Lighting (CEO Minsoo Kim)

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